I tried a sunrise alarm so you don't have to

I tried a sunrise alarm so you don't have to

good morning, sunshine ☀️

With the the growing number of products within the “bio-hacking” space, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate what’s actually worth looking into. The sunrise alarm clock intuitively just made sense: sun goes up = we wake up, fake sun goes up = we also go up? I tried using the sunrise alarm clock so you don't have to, here's what I found.

  • It's tempting to go with the cheaper, drop-shipped options on amazon, but the biggest issue was that they just didn’t get bright enough. I want my whole room to be filled with light, not a measly spotlight. Save yourself the the hassle of returns and just invest in a more powerful sunrise alarm clock. I use the Philips Smart Sleep
  • the wake up sounds on all of these devices are either very annoying or too calm to wake up to, this is why we still use our regular alarm for the audio component.
  • a sunrise alarm isn't the best option if you and your partner have different wakeup times, unless one person wears a sleep-mask 🤷🏻‍♂️

After a month of use, here’s my perfect recipe ✨

  1. set the light to be at full brightness 15 minutes before the first audio alarm goes off
  2. when the audio alarm goes off hit a five minute snooze (on the audio alarm)
  3. during the snooze, face towards the light with eyes still closed
  4. when your snooze alarm goes off, get up

A sunrise alarm clock is not going to save you from a shiddy sleep routine, but It’s been nice having that extra light in the morning to help us get up ☀️

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