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Let's talk journaling 📓

If you’re feeling inclined to pick up a new practice during the quest for ‘new year, new you’ greatness, let it be journaling. In whatever form suits your fancy, research has shown that logging your days has a profound impact on mental and emotional wellness. Journaling not only provides an outlet for emotions we might otherwise stifle out of discomfort, putting our feelings into language helps us process and understand what we feel and experience in our daily lives. Still not convinced? Dear diary…

The act of journaling requires us to practice consistency. Holding yourself accountable to something very personal to you requires showing up for yourself. While it may be uncomfortable some days, the act of self-discipline is beneficial to our confidence and trust in ourselves. The key is to make it a habit, not a hobby.

Be creative! Journals don’t have to be boring, droning memoirs, they can include as little or as much as you like. Make it fun for you — include tickets of a movie you went to, a cool leaf you found on the ground, or doodles with cute coloured pens. We all learn and express ourselves in different ways, so find a practice that works for you.

Journals are the physical manifestation of your life, which — when you think about it — is pretty epic to be able to look back on. With consistency, journaling can act as a time capsule of your experiences and will allow you to look back and reminisce or process how you felt about a certain time in your life. In a year’s time, you may look back and recognize how much growth you’ve made. You will become better acquainted with yourself and have the wisdom of hindsight to be able to see things more objectively. Plus, journaling will make you feel like THE main character.

If the act of journaling is intimidating, there are many resources for journal prompts out there. Pinterest and TikTok have a wealth of prompts, but there are also many prompt specific journals out there. 
A common prompt is to write down a few things you are grateful for that day or the highlight of your day. This act of gratitude is a simple way to magnify the positive aspects of our days — nay, our lives — and reprogram our brains to give less weight to the negatives we would naturally gravitate to.

It’s been a weird few years, so in 2023 I am committing to being less shiddy to myself and I implore you to do the same. So break out that 24-pack of glitter gel pens from middle school and get scribblin’, baby!

Remember to be less shiddy to others, our planet, and yourself.

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